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Marketing 2020 Forecast: What To Update And Why

Ending the year strong and resilient is on every marketer’s list. Since embracing progress and growth go hand in hand – and technology is changing at a rapid pace – this month and next are also perfect to reflect and regroup.



What We Should All Be Focused On: Audience Connection

What we call the social video landscape has undergone supersonic growth in the past ten or fifteen years. Because of that, in large part, we all tend to have ADHD social media vision. In other words, folks tend to jump around from one hot new social media platform to the next. In fairness, who doesn’t want to stay at the head of the media pack so we won’t look like a dinosaur?


Building Your Brand In A Socially Conscious Way

Socially conscious or socially responsible branding is likely a concept you have been hearing about. Done right, it can pull your company well ahead of your competition by providing consumers an important reason to seek out your brand.


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What To Do With That Fantastic Idea On Your Back Shelf

We’ve all had the experience of a brilliant idea tickling our brain that we just aren’t sure how to make happen.

Could be a new use of an old product that might just jump start your sales. Or a new invention your company has been testing, but no one is quite sure how to launch. Or what market segment to approach. Or how to direct the right eyes in the right way.


FocalPoint’s 6 Favorite Keyword Hacks To Bolster Blog Reach

Social media posts have matured since becoming a thing a decade or so ago – or should have – to take advantage of the ongoing changes to Google Search and others.

Since every search on Google is composed of key words and phrases, each a request for information, the goal of search is to supply a well-targeted, satisfying answer to those queries.