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About Us

Focal Point is a marketing agency that helps you build strong relationships with your customers by honing in on the essence of your business. We develop innovative creative solutions by offering a comprehensive array of services to deliver results driven marketing for our clients.


Strategic thinking, Brand development and Customer insight are at the core of our business. These are the areas of expertise our team has honed through their long career as strategic marketing professionals. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals interested in developing effective and creative marketing ideas to drive your business forward.


Your company, products and services are unique. Your brand voice should be just as distinctive. Focal Point ensures that your message will be brought to life in the right way, using the right tone, by matching you up with the right writer.


Digital Marketing, Storyboarding. Filming. Art direction. Design. Animation. Photography. There are so many areas of marketing expertise that go into creating a great campaign, teamwork is essential. That’s why Focal Point is built on collaboration between talented individuals who specialize in their craft. You’ll see the results in our work.

Branding, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

No doubt you’ve got questions about using content marketing to generate income for your business – as efficiently as possible. That’s what it’s all about, especially right now when marketing budgets are tight.  

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Content Marketing Strategy

  With the increasing importance of digital marketing, it’s essential to understand how content plays a pivotal role in your digital marketing strategy. Quality content is the backbone of your marketing campaigns. It helps you reach your target audience, engage them, and guide them down...

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SEO, Social Media

How has the customer journey changed in the digital age? The digital age has drastically changed the way consumers interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. In the past, the customer journey was a linear process, transitioning from awareness, consideration, and decision, but with the...

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Our Team




Brien is the President and CEO of Focal Point, a branding agency based in Indianapolis, Indiana. With more than two decades of creative, marketing and management experience to draw on, Brien founded the company in 2009. Born out of his passion to be directly involved in the creative process, Brien envisioned and built a firm that is focused on bringing a unique blend of strategic insight, standout ideas, and superior service to clients.

Brien has won several awards for his work including: multiple Addy and Telly Awards, National Press Association, Indiana Press Association, and the Associated Press.

As the Founder and Owner of Focal Point, Brien has had the privilege of partnering with clients across a diverse array of fields, including Anthem, WellPoint, Indianapolis Chamber, Indiana Chamber, Extrude Hone, Wiley Publishing, Shiel Sexton, Intel, Orbitz, The Taco Bell Foundation and the The Clorox Company.

With Brien in the lead, each client is assured of a completely thorough, professional and detailed approach to their marketing, from inception through completion.




Sheryl is an award-winning designer with over twenty years of experience in branding, user experience, web design, packaging, and more.

Sheryl began her career at a small design firm in Indianapolis, learning the basics of graphic design while honing her skills as a branding expert. From there she moved on to become Art Director for various Fortune 500 companies in the Midwest before join the our team. Her approach to design is based on research and collaboration, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of her clients. Her client list includes some of the biggest names in industry, ranging from small startups to major corporations across many industries including healthcare, technology, finance and more.

Sheryl works closely with her team of creatives to develop innovative designs that have a lasting impact for her clients. She also provides mentoring for young designers who are just starting out in their careers. In addition to her day job, Sheryl holds several leadership roles within local organizations such as AIGA Indianapolis and The American Association Of Graphic Arts (AAGA).

Her commitment to excellence has been recognized by numerous awards throughout her career, including Indy Top 10 Designer Award winner 2018 & 2019 , AIGA Inspire Award 2018 & 2019 , Creative Quarterly 100 Best 2017 & 2018 , Adobe 99 Best Awards 2017 & 2018 , and several other local awards from Indiana.

Sheryl has dedicated herself to creating outstanding visuals that stand out from the rest while helping businesses reach their goals faster than ever before. With over twenty years of experience under her belt, she continues to be an invaluable asset to both new businesses looking to get started and established companies seeking growth opportunities through effective visuals.




Matt's vision for marketing is to make sure that every dollar spent goes further, whether you’re a small local business or a large corporation. His is passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential. He believes that the best way to do this is by providing clients with data-driven insights that help them better understand their target customers so they can create effective strategies that will bring long-term success. He also believes in using technology to automate and streamline the marketing process so that clients can focus on what matters most—building relationships with their customers. His team of experts specialize in SEO, PPC, social media, website design and development, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

He is constantly exploring new opportunities, testing out innovative ideas and leveraging cutting edge technologies. This ensures that our clients are always receiving the best possible service.

Matt believes that success comes from collaboration and working together as a team. He encourages everyone on his team to contribute in order to explore every element of our client's business. Matt and his team are constantly exploring new opportunities, testing out innovative ideas and leveraging cutting edge technologies. This ensures that Focal Point Marketing clients are always receiving the best possible service.



Project Manager

Jeff has extensive experience in Internet technologies and analytics. He brings years of experience developing web sites and Internet marketing strategies to the Focal Point team. His experience ranges from managing Web and Technology projects to creating/executing online marketing and social media strategies.

Specialties: web development, project management, social media, internet marketing, blogging, technology consultation, new media.




Margie brings over 30 years of experience in copywriting for a broad spectrum of clients like healthcare, financial services, sports and entertainment industries. Her background in the advertising industry spans 20 years of agency work followed by 12 additional years as a freelance professional.

Throughout her career, Margie has specialized in corporate branding, marketing management and website design while successfully developing effective social media management strategies, email marketing campaigns and print advertisements that are engaging and tailored towards the needs of each client's target audience. Additionally, Margie has written copy and collaborated on the design of successful brochures, direct mail campaigns and oversee production for corporate videos.