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We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and immersing ourselves in your business.


This allows us to understand your business and how you operate and interact with your clients day to day.


Through a series of discovery meetings our team will work closely with you to learn everything we can about your business. We understand you are the subject matter experts and we are here to learn your processes so we are able to design and develop a strategic marketing plan that achieves results.





Understanding your industry and market is key. We understand you, as subject matter experts, will bring valuable information to the table during this process. In addition, we will collect your information and expand on it with market research so we are better able to understand the marketplace and your competitors.

We take our client on a journey through a series of exercises designed to bring out your true points of difference.  You will be amazed what you will learn about your company. This is where the fun begins! You will begin to see new and exciting ways your brand message can be delivered.


Realistically what are your goals? Do you want to grow your sales by $100,000 or … per month? Or achieve a certain number of new clients per month? We help you fine tune your goals into realistic, achievable results. We break down what that means in terms of number of leads needed, and even the number of meetings we believe is required to make these leads a reality.


Understanding WHAT we should be marketing as it relates to your USP is our first goal. Nest we determine HOW your USP relates to our brand message and image. Once we have successfully connected these elements the creativty can begin to flow. This allows us to focus our marketing efforts directly toward the target market to ensure we drive the desired results. We find your sweet spot and that is where we focus your marketing efforts.


Your web site is truly your front door in today’s business world. This is the first place potential clients will visit to learn about your business. However, your web presence does not stop there. It is important to position your company as an expert in your industry. Choosing the correct avenues to share your expertise is the first step followed by a social media strategy designed to share relevant information in the right places at the right time.


Understanding WHO your customer is and what drives them to buy from your company is key. During our discovery process we will provide a series of exercises to help us identify characteristics and similarities of your key demographics and determine the best way to reach them. Where do we need to direct our marketing efforts to generate the most exposure to your target market. Understanding your customer and how they make purchase decisions is key to success. We then develop your marketing message to educate them on why they need your product or service.