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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



Search Engines like Google are Becoming Smarter.  

Winning at the New SEO is Winning at Online Branding.  If you want to be successful in getting your website to rank well in search engines such as Google and get a good deal of organic traffic, it’s imperative to truly understand your company’s brand.

Need help developing a SEO strategy?  

What is SEO? (Click Here)


SEO involves making strategic changes to your website design and content to make your site more visible to search engines. This in turn drives more organic traffic and visitors to your website.  Focal Point will conduct keyword research as the starting point to develop your custom SEO strategy.  Our approach includes: Keyword Research, On-Page SEO and Content Marketing.

Content Marketing (Click Here)


Developing blog content from research, trade journals and other content provided by your team. We will be able to reach your target market through journalist style blog writing and using industry key words. The journalist approach will allow us to broaden the reach by writing about subject matter within your industry that relates back to your business. This could be a blog about your industry in general or a subject that relates directly to your products or services, and will allow us to make a relevant connection back to your website. When distributed via social media we will post the headline and link back to your blog. 

Here are just a few types of content that you can focus on to help improve your content:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Content
  • E-books and Whitepapers
  • How-To Guides and Tutorials
  • Videos and Audio Recordings
  • Infographics 

On-Page SEO (Click Here)


Each of these elements will be strategically coded to optimize each page of your website. The key to on-page SEO is to be strategic while remaining relevant and true to your content. 

  • Title Tag 
  • Meta Description 
  • Sub-Headings
  • Internal Links 
  • Image Name and ALT Tags 

Keyword Research (Click Here)

Using key word research, Focal Point will be able to uncover popular search terms for your industry as it relates to your customers/prospects. This will include keyword terms and variations that are commonly searched in search engines and drive more traffic back to your website. These keywords and topics will be reviewed and analyzed monthly and basic SEO elements and structure of the web pages will determine recommendations for improvements to the site based on analytic and marketing data. This will call for evaluation and updating of title tags, headings, meta descriptions and more as necessary.

Focal Point will monitor the traffic to find ways to continue fine-tuning our SEO strategy. This will be done primarily through the use of Analytics to access the “behind the scenes” information in regards to how visitors are being attracted to the website and what content is of interest. This is an ongoing process and something that will continue to evolve over time as traffic behavior is monitored.