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How To Craft A Social Media Landing Page That’s Actionable

Social Media Landing Page

How To Craft A Social Media Landing Page That’s Actionable

Some social media landing pages are a visual treat. They grab your attention. Others stab your brain with powerful headlines.

Every day, something on social media is likely to capture your attention — for awhile. And that’s nice and all, but if you can’t remember what the brand or the offer was a few hours later – it didn’t do much to really compel you, did it?

So how do you create a compelling landing page on a whole different level? How do you get a wow that’s memorable, impactful and actionable?

You know it when you come across an exceptionably well-crafted landing page. It’s not just creative genius. It’s a winning combination of effective public relations, shrewd psychology, and excellent timing. It draws the target audience in and hooks them, VISA and all.

How to get there? We’ve given this a lot of thought, and here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • You had me at hello. Write a killer headline that riffs off a stunning visual. Make them think. Or laugh. (Or both!) Just don’t make them shrug.
  • Know your audience. Be very sure what you’re saying/doing/showing suits your audience. Context counts.
  • Make your objective crystal clear. Be direct. The simpler, the better. It’s tempting to add sidebars and pop-ups, but you need to keep your visitors focused on a single (attainable) star in the sky. That’s what’s going to change them from “Just looking,” to “This is exactly what I want.”
  • Keep your tone Your social media voice should be unswerving from open through purchase. Keep that brand personality throughout your online presence. If you get it right, that will tell visitors they are in the right place.
  • Brand is everything. Your logo (and colors) should be obvious and visible no matter where your visitor jumps.
  • Fulfill your visitor’s expectations. Regardless of where your visitors come from – an Instagram swipe, a Twitter post, or a Facebook ad, they have expectations. Give them what they are looking for in a way that’s consistent with your brand, product and message.
  • Keep their interest peaked with demos, humor, unexpected visuals, or even digestible graphics. Just make sure everything relates to the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Help your customers navigate by keeping things moving. Provide info that’s short and to the point. Provide links for more info about a related topic or product along the way. But keep them pointed in the right direction – the bottom line.

Creating just the right landing page for your social media site is a balancing act that requires a lot of careful research about your targeted customer. It also calls for an in depth analysis of your perceived vs. actual product benefits.

If you’re not getting the kind of return you want from your social media, let’s talk.



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