Our approach to your business is a little bit different. A little more specialized. At Focal Point, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a team hand-picked from a network of professionals with proven talents in the creative field. A team created specifically for you. With strengths suited to your industry, minds focused on your clients, and fresh ideas aimed at achieving your objectives. And yes, different IS better. After all, our team members are doing what they’re great at, every day. And that’s working for you.


The center of attention. That’s the focal point. And making your brand the focal point of our business is what we are all about. Focal Point is a digital brand agency that helps you build strong relationships with your customers by honing in on the essence of your business. By learning all we can about your products and services, and then communicating your message to customers in a voice that is yours, and yours alone. We develop innovative creative solutions by offering services, including advertising and marketing, video production, website development and specialized elements like custom animation, photography and  graphic design that can bring an added dimension of originality to your marketing efforts.

The Team.

Creative partnerships are central to Focal Point’s approach. Our owner, Brien Richmond, is the guy who will spearhead, coordinate, direct and oversee your projects from start to finish. We’ll assemble the rest of your team only after talking with you about your business, your brand and your marketing goals. After all, we believe that only the talent most suited for your business should be working on your business.

Latest News.

You can’t be involved in marketing and not have an opinion, right? Find out what has us talking lately.

Client Spotlight: Wiley Publishing.

Posted in - Client Profile & Digital
on March 28th, 2014

This month, Focal Point is proud to showcase its recent work with Wiley Publishing for its 24-Hour Trainer Series: a series of books for computer programmers and web developers that cover a range of different topics, such as writing computer programs to developing applications. Each book includes a DVD that’s loaded with a series of [...]

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