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You have a brand.


Your branding encapsulates the very essence of your company—its identity and its offerings. However, effectively conveying this brand to your customers requires finesse. It demands a deep understanding of what your brand signifies or has the potential to signify to people. It necessitates insight, genuine interest, and a keen, strategic focus on what sets you apart from the competition.


We have that focus.


We take the time to completely understand your business. We recognize you are the subject matter expert with regard to your specific business. Our process focuses on listening to our clients so we are able to develop the appropriate identity and provide focus and clarity to your message. By learning all we can about your products and services, and then communicating your message to customers in a voice that is yours, and yours alone.


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Our standards are high at FocalPoint. We like them that way. But that doesn’t mean we’re difficult. We simply set certain standards we choose to live and work by. We’re clear about those standards with our staff and with our suppliers. Our customers as well. That way, we are all accountable to ourselves and with each other.  We’re the kind of business who pushes to the edge of what is possible. We expect the best of our team and our product. We think this is the right way to run any type of business – especially a creative one. We think the work we turn out is a direct indication of the standards we set.

At Focal Point, we understand the power of your message. It’s your message and we’re not here to tell you what to say. We simply will help you say it best. We develop innovative creative solutions by offering a comprehensive array of marketing and advertising services.


Brand Direction

Recognizing that there are a variety of stakeholders with input into the creative and functional direction of your brand image, Focal Point will work with you to develop an open and creative relationship. Committed to listening to our clients and understanding the brand, Focal Point designersGraphic Design are able to create functional and relevant branding elements to communicate your brand message.

Brand Integrity

When designing for clients with a firmly rooted brand image, we understand the importance of maintaining brand integrity. Having worked with many well branded clients, we pride ourselves in our ability to communicate the message of an established brand in a pertinent manner when delivering a message across several media platforms. Putting Business in the Best Light, our approach to resolve your need is not driven by a desire to create an “uber creative design” but rather, we are compelled to develop extraordinary and creative ideas while applying strategic thinking to focus on your brand message.