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Content Marketing

Consistent relevant content is the key to success.  Our approach to content marketing revolves around the development of relevant content delivered in a journalist style.  Many companies use their blog to toot their own horn and promote accomplishments within the company.  While this is important it is necessary to have a good balance of quality journalistic content, white papers, and call to action opportunities relevant to your industry – along with the moments your company is proud feature.

Focal Point focuses your content marketing around a key word strategy.  We develop a editorial calendar to insure we deliver the right content at the right time of the year.  This allow us to have a plan in place so we can push content out on a consistent basis and keep the content fresh and relevant.

Need help understanding how to develop a content marketing campaign?  Please contact us today to talk.

Our Recent Content

B2B print revenue is in steep decline as more and more businesses communicate to other businesses using digital. That’s old news but still a little threatening to more established, fiscally conservative businesses. So here’s a new way of thinking about digital communication buys:

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We’ve all had the experience of a brilliant idea tickling our brain that we just aren’t sure how to make happen. Could be a new use of an old product that might just jump start your sales. Or a new invention your company has been...

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Search Engine Optimization, Social Media

Social media posts have matured since becoming a thing a decade or so ago – or should have – to take advantage of the ongoing changes to Google Search and others. Since every search on Google is composed of key words and phrases, each a...

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