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E-Commerce, Web Design, Branding

E-Commerce, Web Design, Branding



Vision Cabinet Branding & Web Design.




Project Goals

Focal Point engaged with Vision Cabinet. We were tasked with developing a strategy to improve and update the company brand image and messaging, create higher visibility and create overall brand awareness and build an E-commerce website to allow Vision Cabinet to sell their products on-line.


Focal Point worked with Vision Cabinet and produced marketing material that included the design and layout of new website along with an e-commerce shopping site.

Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Copywriting, Graphic Design



Focal Point created brand elements consistent with the company brand and designed a new company website that positioned the company’s cabinets and styles in a modern and aesthetic  website designed to showcase the entire series of their product line.  Following the completion of the company branding site.  We planned and developed the e-commerce shopping sites.  The combined branding and websites positioned their products ahead of the competition and increased product visibility by 45%.

Vision Cabinet Home Page

Vision Cabinet E-Commerce Page



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