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Strategy, Branding, Web Design

Strategy, Branding, Web Design



Focal Point was thrilled to have the opportunity to create a Strategic Marketing Plan for the Sturges-Young Center for the Arts. Our goal was to develop a clear brand image, logo and positioning statement that would communicate to the community and region that SYCA puts emphasis on bringing people together through the celebration of shared experiences. In addition, Focal Point wanted to identify specific strategies and marketing avenues that could be used in order to promote the center’s mission and programs.


Through research, data collection, stakeholder interviews, focus groups and other techniques, we began creating an effective blueprint for success. We were able to analyze target markets and understand how they receive messages so that when our marketing plan is executed it will reach those who would be most interested in the Sturges-Young Center for the Arts.


We then crafted a robust campaign that included multiple strategies such as digital marketing, print media and social media to ensure maximum reach. We also created a comprehensive brand guide that outlined all aspects of SYCA’s branding including logo use, brand messaging, web design and design guidelines. Finally, we authored a positioning statement that succinctly communicated the mission and values of SYCA.


Focal Point is excited to see how their efforts will help position the Sturges-Young Center for the Arts as an integral part of their community and make a lasting impact on its residents. The Strategic Marketing Plan is in the process of being executed with success and Focal Point is confident it will continue to provide results for SYCA in the future.


The team at Focal Point is proud to have contributed to the success of Sturges-Young Center for the Arts and looks forward to continuing their relationship with this important community initiative. With the implementation of our Strategic Marketing Plan the impact that SYCA will have on its local area and beyond will be greatly increased. We are confident that our efforts will pay off and help make a meaningful difference in many lives.


Sturges-Young Center for the Arts


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