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Project Goals

Focal Point engaged with Extrude Hone when they were known as Precision Surface Solutions, a division of Kennametal. The original project was to design and build a new responsive website designed to improve the divisions USA SERP rankings and create higher internet visibility. While in the design stages of the project Precision Surface Solutions was purchased by Madison Industries.  At this point the project shifted to a total rebranding of the company and Extrude Hone became the new brand identity. Our SERP goals had not changed, however the branding element opened up some new and exciting opportunities.



Market Research, Brand Development, Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan to improve SERP rankings, Keyword Research, Design and Development of a new responsive website, Develop of content marketing campaign, Social Media integration



Focal Point was able to implement the new brand into a new and dynamic website focused on both navigational and aesthetic design to engage the visitors to the site.  We introduced new robust content to the site designed to direct clients and prospect to the desired information quickly and easily.  The original site was comprised of 4-5 pages of limited content and did not effectively illustrate what the products or services the company provided.  The new website was now mobile friendly and had over 24 pages of content organized for easy navigation.  The site has a clean design and puts the visitor in control of their experience and allow them to find the information they are most interested in within 3 clicks.


Since the completion of the site we have seen continued growth in the number of visitors and we are seeing a high level of engagement for those visitors.  The content marketing campaign continues to provide consistent and relevant content to be indexed by search engines and driving new visitors to the Extrude Hone website.  Since completing the English version of the site we have created foreign language version of the site  in 9 other languages.  Currently we are in the process of creating an independent subdomain site in exclusively in German designed to improve the SERP rankings in Germany. www.extrudehone.com


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