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What to know about brand marketing partnerships

Brand Marketing Partnership

What to know about brand marketing partnerships

Brand marketing partnerships are starting to become more common between up-and-coming brands and media publishers or more established brands.

The more established brands get to look younger and trendier and the up-and-coming brands get good support from established brands with more marketing clout. It’s a win-win. Especially when a new kid on the block gets the benefit of the marketing savvy and deep pockets of an establishment brand.

You see this kind of thing all the time when a new singer makes it big, attracts lots of teens and twenty-somethings, and a major brand like Coke or Nike uses their image in marketing. Coke and Nike (for example) are well established, but perhaps not as cutting edge as that new hip singer.

How is this partnership measured? Through performance metrics and monetization. Each of the partners is going to be looking at the total clicks – and shifting back to what they want from that. Selling more Coke a concerts, or more Nike shoes to Gen Z – and for the new artist, gaining name recognition in Coke or Nike commercials and ads – which sells more songs.

Depending on who you are and what you want to do with your brand, the opportunities are endless – and can be very creative. It doesn’t just have to be a national partnership or a huge budget, either.

Think social media – where smaller budgets can still go a long way. Creative or funny videos can go viral on Instagram or Facebook and get underwritten by a known brand. That’s an inexpensive way for a known brand to get its ad seen by a different audience. And a way for the person in the video to be seen by more people (think clicks) and earn more money.

Blogs and Vlogs are another way an interesting can be picked up by a larger company and gain more immediate and direct exposure.

Is this something you can do with your brand? Perhaps, yes. You’ll need knowledge about your brand’s worth and appeal, and a savvy look at the social media landscape and direct you toward a company that can help lift your brand in the right direction. Let us help you leverage a marketing partnership with a company or brand that provides a win-win.