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The Real Value of Customer Service

The Real Value of Customer Service

I find myself frequently disappointed with local customer service. As an Indy businessman and homeowner, I’d like to turn that observation on its head. I’m fiercely proud of my city and my business. I’d like to represent both well.

If my company can provide better-than-expected customer service to every client we have, then it will be operating in the way I want and expect it to. And, it will be good for business because so few other companies are excelling at service.

My aim is to fill the void in my niche. How ‘bout you?

Perfect Example

We planned to have the entire family over to celebrate my son’s birthday. Of course, it would not be a family get together without ample amounts of food, so rather than cooking for this large group we decided to order food from Buca di Beppo in Castleton.  When we ordered the meal we originally requested a 12pm pickup.  After placing the order we decided to move the order pick up to 1pm.  We called and changed the order, no problem.  When I arrived to pick up the order later that day, the chef realized they had made a mistake and prepared the order to be picked up at 12pm instead of 1pm.  He apologized, insisted on preparing a fresh order, and comped the entire order.  It is important to note, I did not express any disappointment when I learned the food had been prepared early and I could see how we may had created some confusion in the ordering process. However, he insisted and more than Plus 1’d us in the process.  This stuck with me and made me a customer for life.

As business owners, our job is to help employees see the enormous advantage to be gained by providing exceptional customer service. And to have them feel pride in offering that.

I’m betting you and your staff know a great deal about your products and your area of expertise. But when was the last time you talked together about taking excellent care of each customer?

3 things to keep in mind while interacting with customers.

  1. Always be positive, greet your customers with a smile.
  2. Respond in a timely manner, even if it is to say message received.
  3. Provide Plus 1 service.  Take your service beyond the level your customer expects and you will always earn their loyalty and business.

You brand reaches well beyond your logo and marketing materials and can be significantly diminished if it is not reflected in your company culture and customer service.