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You Don’t Have To Be Numbers Geek To Use Google Analytics

You Don’t Have To Be Numbers Geek To Use Google Analytics

Even the name is a little intimidating. I mean, “analytics,” really? Just because you never really got any math that was more involved than Algebra 101, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate or won’t be able to use Google Analytics.

The bottom line of marketing

Marketing is creative, sure. But the proof of your marketing success will always come out in the numbers. So marketing, at its most basic, is understanding your bottom line. How else do you know if what you are doing is worth a fig if you don’t have anything to compare it to?

When examined each month, Google Analytics is simply an effective way of determining the overall success of your marketing efforts. It will provide crucial pieces of information that can help you make competent and effective marketing decisions.

Google Analytics can help you answer these big Qs:

  1. How’d we do this month? Did you launch of a new product, or post some great blogs? Find out how you did by using Google Analytics to track your landing pages. Using the data, you can see what worked and what didn’t, and compare numbers month-to-month or even year-to-year. Now you can fine-tune or experiment with your marketing programs – with hard data to let you know how small (and large) adjustments paid out.
  2. How are people finding us? Google Analytics can also provide more than hard numbers. It can provide you and your company with insights as to how exactly visitors are finding their way to your website. It can tell you, for instance, if traffic to your site was the result of someone searching your name, or searching relevant keywords used on your site. Google Analytics can also let you know when traffic to your site originated from a link located on a different site, or whether it came from your social media pages.

With this information, you can determine the proportionality of how people find their way to your site. For instance, if the majority of visits come from social media or other sites, maybe you should begin blogging, using keywords to help send new traffic to your website. If your social numbers are down, you probably need to pay more attention to social media postings.

3.   What devices are my visitors using?

If a majority of visits to your site come from a desktop, your homepage and landing page design choices should be made with this in mind. If visitors are increasingly using mobile devices, you need to make sure the mobile experience of your website works well on this differently sized format.

You may want to design an entirely different mobile version of your homepage or site or make sure your homepage links reflect what the mobile experience of your site needs to be. Google Analytics calls this Mobile Optimization –another intimidating term.

If you still don’t feel confident about Google Analytics, marketing strategy, search optimization or mobile optimization… never fear. We speak the lingo. We can help you decipher Google’s foreign languages in a way that helps your marketing perform.

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