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What You Might Not Know About Social Media Updates

What You Might Not Know About Social Media Updates

Social media is growing exponentially. Not only are there new apps coming out all the time, but existing social media is evolving, adding tweaks and better features all the time, too.

It can be hard to keep up with what’s new and what that means to the user and the end user. Here are a few notable updates:

Twitter adds feed choices

When we see “Recommended tweets,” it’s worth noting that an algorithm came up with that recommendation based on what it assumes you will like. Twitter decided that instead of an algorithm deciding what tweets to show users, it will go back to a chronological feature helping you know when your target audience is likely online. That is better for marketers. However, some liked a curated feed, so if that is you, now you can switch your settings to get the feed you prefer.


Best in Tweets

If you tweet for your business, you will most likely prefer Twitter’s newest setting update. The “Show the best Tweets first” setting can be turned on or off. When off, you’ll only see Tweets from people you follow in reverse chronological order. (Previously when turned off, you’d also see “In case you missed it” and “recommended Tweets.”) Now you can choose the chronological order of the tweets most relevant to you.


Video streaming Tweets

Being able to reply to Tweets with videos without having to stop watching while you reply just makes it easier for users to engage with brand content.



Facebook groups are gaining in popularity

Facebook is listening to its users and can see the steady increase of Facebook groups. Facebook groups can now contribute to the broader community by posting directly to groups. How can this help marketers? You’ve got to first understand that the Facebook algorithm favors posts in groups in a person’s timeline over posts by pages – and group administrators have to enable this feature to make it happen.

Instagram moves into shopping

Instagram wants to become the newest destination for buying goods. Instagram is beginning to roll out this new idea to smaller brands and businesses. With access to this feature, businesses can add product stickers to stories, allowing users viewing the story can tap on the sticker to open a product page to shop.


Next on the horizon for Instagram is a shopping tab in Explore where users can browse a personalized section of products. Move over, Amazon!

Instagram and video tagging

Instead of just being able to tag friends and other accounts in photos, Instagram is testing a way to tag other accounts in videos as well. Similar to tagging photos, Instagram users press a small icon at the bottom left on their screen to see a list of tagged people. This could be a great way to market products to like-minded individuals.

Too many #hashtags

Can you say #overuse? Instagram is testing a new feature that will keep all those clunky hashtags separate from the captions. This will be a welcome way to clean up users timelines.


If you are new to social media marketing, we can help guide you through the maze. Leave a message on our Facebook page, Tweet us, Instagram us, or heck, you could even email us.

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