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What We Should All Be Focused On: Audience Connection


What We Should All Be Focused On: Audience Connection

What we call the social video landscape has undergone supersonic growth in the past ten or fifteen years. Because of that, in large part, we all tend to have ADHD social media vision. In other words, folks tend to jump around from one hot new social media platform to the next. In fairness, who doesn’t want to stay at the head of the media pack so we won’t look like a dinosaur?

It’s pretty exhausting, to be honest.

We decided a few years back to look into the newest and the coolest apps, but more importantly, notice how long these platforms kept eyeballs glued. Too often, they were hot – until they were not. Consumers moved onto the next new thing.

Except sometimes, they didn’t.

Sometimes consumers stayed with something they just couldn’t get enough of. They just plain liked… used… and depended upon. They stayed in love with some of the not-so-new platforms, like Facebook, Youtube, vlogs (video blogging), and Instagram.

A trend that we like – still – is the short video. We see them on Facebook and on blogs/vlogs, to be sure. And also embedded in emails, texts, and just about any other platform you can mention.

Why? There’s so much you can do with a video. Well, that is, as long as it is engaging enough to draw viewers in for more than the first, say, five to ten seconds.

Turns out instant views and viral success are not the end-all when it comes to social media. That’s because time spent watching is king. It’s all about the viewership but even more importantly – the engagement of the viewer. That’s what we are all looking for, right? Not just eyeballs, but real interest.

So, if you are looking to hone your social media footprint, you’ll want to strategize the lifecycle of your contenthow many views and how long the views lasted.

And that’s where Focal Point comes into the picture for your company. Now is a good time to create longer video format content for Facebook and other social media darlings. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and others have a great retention rate and people are watching longer there now – when you give them a good reason to.

How do we know this? Because Facebook used to boost social videos simply based on shares and comments. More recently, the platform has started to prioritize watch time over shares. That’s because longer content means more opportunities to relate to viewers. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

But if you are going to go for longer-form video, it’s got to be super well-produced.

So, instead of having your graphics designer and sales team shoot and edit your next social media video, let us help you win more eyeballs. Not only can we help you produce a pretty great video segment, but we can edit and create ten different versions of it – one for each niche of your market. And then, help you expertly place it where it will do the best work for your targeted audience.

Let’s talk creative video strategy and match them to your goals. And eyeballs. And social media search. You can do all that expertly with us on your team. We’re all ears (and eyes!)

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