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Share Your Story On Social Media

Share Your Story On Social Media

Who doesn’t love a good story? Storytelling is one of the oldest ways of communicating meaning, vision and engaging people.

Today, those communicative stories are likely to be interactive, sometimes playful, and often, pretty short. That’s really what we’re doing when we share over one billion pictures and content every day across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp – it’s nothing more than storytelling.


When you think about social media in this way, it gets easier to get behind. So what kind of story do you want to tell? How should it be constructed? What works best on social media?


Fortunately, we have some answers. Here are FocalPoint’s top tips for effective social media story telling:


Capture attention right off the bat

Social media is all about sharing quick information. That’s why we recommend creating snappy stories geared to move your intended audience through a series of fast-paced scenes to keep them interested and engaged.


Mix up the media

Campaigns with a mix of formats (still frames and live action, for instance) have a 75% chance of being remembered over those using one format. Text overlays are another way to mix of the media to emphasize key messages.


Enhance your story with sound

A great sound track always helps get a point across. Bearing out this point, Facebook IQ found that 80% of story ads with voice-overs or music did considerably better at sticking in consumer minds than ads without.


Be creative, but focus on your brand

You remember that “super creative SuperBowl ad” – but forget what the brand was? Yeah, don’t be that advertiser. Incorporate your brand and key messages early on in your story. Even better, make your brand a part of the story. Facebook IQ reports that product-focused creative has a 73% chance of driving better metrics than people-focused creative.


Don’t forget the call to action

It sounds dated, but it’s still fiercely important. You have to call your audience to take action. You can be creative with this, of course. Use animation, humor, or neon directional arrows, or simply ask your viewer to swipe left for more information. Whatever way you ask your viewer to act, make sure it fits into your story in some way.


Have fun with it!

One of the best things about communicating on social media is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. At all! Which means less pressure on crafting the ideal one-time super message. Instead, consider a series of small stories on multiple platforms with a common theme. That’s a great way to build brand identity as well as a fine way to use storytelling to your best advantage.


Want to talk to us about helping create your next social media story? We’re all ears!

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