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How Do I Blog You? Let Me Count The Ways…

How Do I Blog You? Let Me Count The Ways…

Perhaps you blog for your business. Or post weekly to social media. Have you ever run out of ideas on what to post? Wonder what to say that’s new?


It’s something we social media folks all run into from time to time. So here are a few interesting ways to post material for your blog, Instagram, Twitter feed, or even email outreaches to customers that will not only keep them reading, but looking for more from you.


It all breaks down into format, really – how you present the info. Pique your reader’s interest by offering a how-to, teasing out a list, providing new ways to use something, or provide an interesting opinion. The best part of this is that you can upcycle something you have previously talked about by offering the information in a brand new format.


Here’s our “how to” list:


  • The how to — 
Teach the reader something. “21 radical ways to use your yoga mat,” or “The single most effective way to train your puppy.” You get the idea. Use an attention-getting adjective in the headline. Make it simple to follow.
  • The list — 
Offer your readers the most interesting selection of ideas, tips, suggestions, or resources out there. Keep the copy snappy and to the point.
  • The review — 
People like to know what others think about a product or process they use. Writing a review or testimonial offers an informed opinion that will be of interest to them. Use plenty of quotes. Photos add even more appeal.
  • The oped – Much like the review, you are offering insight from a personal perspective about something. In this case, however, the person offering the commentary is a trusted source that isn’t you. And outside source, a famous person, or maybe (gasp!) even a competitor.
  • The interview – This is written by you, interviewing someone relatable to your audience. Perhaps that’s a client, or an outside source, or maybe the inventor of your product. You get to guide the direction of the chat, and add your thoughts.


So, let’s say about a year ago, you wrote a blog about a new business innovation. Looking back through your blog, you realize that the information in that blog is still very relevant. So, use the information but present it as How-to, or List, or even interview the inventor of that product, and get his take on how the product has changed the way customers now do business (the Interview).


Presto! Fresh new blog!


See what we mean? Same info. Different presentation. Even though the overall topic is the same, there is a virtually endless variety of ways the subject matter can be tweaked to make a new blog post.



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