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Hiring A Sharpshooter

Hiring A Sharpshooter

How do you know when to hire an outside marketing team?

Just asking this question is a pretty fair indication that your business is ready to begin thinking in new ways.

Here are some things that signal a readiness to market your company professionally:

  • Your company is growing quickly
  • Your logo and tag line no longer reflect everything you do
  • You are landing more business with larger firms
  • Your time and staff are constrained
  • Much of your marketing materials are dated

What you’ve always said and done in your company is not necessarily the best way to move forward, because the game changes every day. You likely know that, but making changes in how you present yourself can be tricky. Especially with the same folks that began the company, created the first logo, and brought in that first piece of business.

That’s why working to create a new vision for your company is best handled by an outside source. A team that can help you determine why this is your logo, your marketing plan, your forecast, your policy, your tag line, your budget, and your niche.

As marketers, we have learned to re-examine the most basic questions.

We find out what your competitor is doing better than you. Chances are good that your competitors do all kinds of things you can learn from. What they got right. And continue to get wrong.

We can provide insight that’s virtually impossible to get from inside your company.

And, because we have years of experience helping small-to-medium businesses leverage what they do into effective messaging to help grow that business, we know what routes to take to get you where you want to go.

When it’s time to head into a new direction, we can help you target your goals and the determine the best direction to shoot.

Let’s talk.

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