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Accurately Measuring Success

Accurately Measuring Success

There are tons of examples of businesses with good products that don’t succeed. And organizations oozing creativity that can’t find marketing traction.

So what is needed to build successful business marketing that accurately tracks success? How do you measure the right things? And, importantly, with the speed at which business and communication is moving (prime example: Google’s frequently changing SEO standards), how do you stay on top of – and measure – what is truly going on?

New marketing launches are often networked among multiple media platforms, which complicates their measurement. Collecting data is hampered by the desire to ensure that indicators are accurately targeted and gauged, and comparable across these platforms.

Measurement is absolutely getting more complicated, and but its importance is still vital.

At FocalPoint, we believe good metrics can and should direct marketing. Because it’s something we place value on, we make measurement of marketing efforts it a priority. We want to be sure each of our clients has a way to connect the dots between money spent and results achieved.

Data and search statistics provide ways in which new sources of information can concretely support reach (eyeballs). But it’s always been tough to ascertain impact. It’s what keeps marketing an inexact social science. That said, good analysis of social media and strategically placed electronic ad reach can and does provide valuable insights in addition to hard sales figures. The trick is pulling together the whole picture.

For that, we sometimes employ outside firms including focus groups to provide a better understanding of industry norms, growth, and competitor analysis.

Whether you’re creating business products or marketing products, you can’t do either successfully in a vacuum. You need a way to measure progress, so you can tweak campaigns along the way to get a real read on spend vs. impact.

You expect this in a business. At FocalPoint, we think you should also expect this from your marketing team.





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