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You Should Be Using More Social Media Video Ads

You Should Be Using More Social Media Video Ads


Because they work so well.


Your own habits prove this to be true on Facebook as well as Twitter. You don’t intend to look at those videos that pop up, but very often you do. And even when you don’t watch the entire video, you remember something about the product. Right?


A few seconds all it takes to make an impression. And of course, the stronger the message and the more creative the video, the stronger the impression.


At Focal Point, we take notice of video ads on social media. In today’s environment, they are expected by up and coming and top brands already on social media. In fact, use of video on social media nationally is skyrocketing. Their use is substantially higher this fall than they were just a few months ago.


Not surprisingly, Facebook is still king of online video with the greatest share of social media video spending across all platforms. Google is a close second.

It really is incredible how quickly video advertising has risen to the top of digital advertising as a whole. U.S. video ad revenues on Facebook will reach $10.20 billion in 2020, more than doubling last year’s $4.78 billion high.

What about Twitter? Not far behind. Twitter is expected to earn $743.8 million in US video ad revenues by 2020. Like Facebook, video ads are also rising quickly, up from $563.4 million in 2017.

Video advertising may not be what’s best for your company. Or –maybe you haven’t figured out how best to use it for your needs.

For instance – an ironic or unexpected way of showcasing your brand. Perhaps even teasing out a new idea or product in a series of videos.

At Focal Point we do understand how to use video. And have the creative chops to add some spontaneity and zing to your next social media campaign.


That’s a good reason to budget for a fresh, fun video highlighting your brand. Chances are good that you’ll attract new interest to your product. Sometimes, when that video addresses the right issues in a compelling way, it gets shared. Often across platforms.


Boom. That affects your bottom line.

Not surprisingly, Focal Point would like nothing better than to show you some of our brilliant examples of video boom.


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