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The Heartbreak Of Website Ennui

The Heartbreak Of Website Ennui

It’s listed on your business cards. Your url is out there. You put a lot of thought (and blood and emotion) into your website. It might even be nice looking and get a few hits. That is, as far as you know. Chances are good that you’ve sort of forgotten about that website in the – what’s it been now, two years? – (wait? Has it really been more than three years?) — since you launched it.

It’s really easy to let your website get dusty.


But here’s the thing. When your website offers nothing new of interest, with no recent blogs, updates, news releases, or fresh visuals, it gives the strong impression that your company also doesn’t have much of anything fresh or exciting to offer.


Don’t let website ennui happen to you, your organization, and your brand. If it’s been awhile since you considered freshening your site, consider how many Apple iPhone updates there have been since your website went live.


Cell phone screen sizes have been changing rapidly, and many bells and whistles have been added. People have become more tech savvy. That means they ask more from the websites they visit, too. Your site needs to download lightening-fast, be incredibly visual, graphic, and most of all, easy to navigate, whether you’re visiting via laptop, smart phone, or company desktop.


Of course, your website also needs to be secure. Even if you like the way your site looks and it still gets lots of positive feedback, it what’s behind the scenes isn’t up to snuff, your site and a whole lot of important information on it could easily get hacked.


The good news is that updating a website has gotten a lot easier to do. You won’t need to assemble an overview committee of ten or pull resources from next quarter’s bonuses.


In fact, you can actually start the ball rolling with phone call and a meeting with us. We can tell you what can be tweaked to bring your SEO up to speed, make your site safer and more secure, easier to navigate, or even easier to find.


After we meet, you can decide if you want to update a little or a lot.

Begin with the most important stuff, and do the rest in chunks that fit your time, energy, interests, and budget.


Trust us, a little change will do you — and your website — a lot of good.

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