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Quest Safety Products Amazon Sales Marketing Project.




Project Goals

Focal Point engaged with Quest Safety Products. We were tasked with developing a strategy to improve Amazon rankings, create higher visibility and create overall brand awareness on their Amazon sales channel.


Focal Point worked with Quest Safety Products and produced marketing material that included the design and layout of sales information cards, a strategic series of product photography and product demonstration videos to highlight both the quality and the features of each product.

Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Product Photography, Video Production



Focal Point created brand elements consistent with the company brand and produced sales information cards designed to be distributed with the purchased products on Amazon.com.  The product photography and demonstration videos positioned their products ahead of the competition and increased product visibility by 65%.


Quest Safety Product Boot Covers Amazon.com




Project Goals

Focal Point engaged with Dickinson Fleet Services in April of 2013. We were tasked with developing a strategy to improve SERP rankings, create higher internet visibility and create overall brand awareness. Focal Point conducted research and developed a content marketing campaign around targeted keyword research.  The strategy revolved around developing journalist style blog post with industry related topics mixed with company news blog post.  This along with SEO coding and pushing content out over the internet via social media and via email campaigns allow us to raise the SERP rankings of Dickinson Fleet Services. The next stage was to design and develop a new and improved website providing more robust blogging functionality as well and clear and defined marketing message and design.



Market Research, Brand Management, Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan to improve SERP rankings, Keyword Research, Design and Development of a new responsive website, Development of content marketing campaign, Social Media integration, Design and Development of Sales and Marketing Collateral, Email Marketing Campaigns, Production of Marketing Videos, Development of Quarterly Magazine, The Hub Podcast (A conversation with company Executives).



Focal Point was able to improve the existing brand by reviewing and upgrading the company logo, providing a branding guide and incorporating these elements into a new and dynamic website focused on both navigational and aesthetic design to engage the visitors to the site.  We introduced new robust content to the site designed to direct clients and prospect to the desired information quickly and easily.  The original site had limited content and did not effectively illustrate what the services Dickinson Fleet Services provided.  The new website was now mobile friendly and has targeted and robust content organized for easy navigation.  The site has a clean design and puts the visitor in control of their experience and allow them to find the information they are most interested in within 3 clicks.


Since the completion of the site and our continued content marketing campaign to date, we continue to see growth in the number of visitors and we are seeing a high level of engagement for those visitors.  The content marketing campaign continues to provide consistent and relevant content to be indexed by search engines and driving new visitors to the dickinsonfleetservices.com