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How To Make Sure Your Emails Are Noticed

How To Make Sure Your Emails Are Noticed

Email is the most basic of media tools, yet it’s one of the most under-appreciated. We depend on it to get important information out there. But we don’t think about using it wisely, let alone creatively.


How can you keep your emails relevant, interesting – and most importantly — read?


Here are some savvy ideas from our marketing team:


  • Time is in short supply. So are attention spans. Keep your subject lines short. (Long ones will be truncated by search engines and social media sites anyway.)
  • Headlines should be simple and direct. 4 to 6 words = ideal.
  • Use a preheader to entice.
  • Make sure the reason for your email is clear.
  • Wow readers with a strong call to action in the first few lines.
  • Use common words, but arrange them interestingly to draw attention.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words. “Very unique” comes to mind.


Good design draws the eye.


True even with email. Here’s how to keep email design effective and initiate a better interaction with your reader.

  • Choose your font carefully.
  • The simpler the font (san serif), the easier to read.
  • Select a font that looks like your brand — unless that font is not standard. If so, it will not display correctly on many devices.
  • Use a compelling photo to draw interest and support your message. Stock photos are hackneyed.
  • If your email has a button, make sure it is clearly marked in caps.
  • Use your brand colors but limit the color pallet to three.
  • Avoid extremely bright color combinations. Yep, they attract attention, but they are also tedious to read.


And finally….


  • Have someone other than your writer edit email content. Chances are it’s too long. 4 paragraphs? Good. 6 paragraphs? Won’t be read.
  • Your logo shouldn’t just sit there. Link it to your website.
  • Email links can show up as underlined and blue – and still not work. Double-check each link to make sure it works.
  • You don’t have more than two links in your email, do you? Good.
  • Your footer is full of company info. Some of it may well have changed in the six years since it was pulled together. Update yours for accuracy.
  • You use social media. So do your readers. Add social buttons to every email.


At FocalPoint, we know there’s a better way to market your company and your products, from producing effective emails right through creating compelling videos.


How can we improve your reach?

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