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3 Things to Help Engage Your Creativity

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3 Things to Help Engage Your Creativity

Most of us are stress junkies. Especially if we run a company or own a business. It goes along with a fast-paced life.

Stress gives us a rush and makes us temporarily more alert, which in turn, helps us achieve a high productivity level. But this stressed state of mind is not only temporary, but also very left-brained.

Really? Stress is left brained? Yup. Our logical minds are almost always on a high, and that keeps us stuck in similar patterns, in uninspired old ideas, and in limited and rational ways of finding solutions.

So what can you do to engage your right brain and fire up your creativity? We creative types don’t have a lock on this kind of thinking. Here are some of our secrets to get stressed out brains fired up to think less logically and become more open to inspiration:


1. When you find yourself mulling over a problem more than three times, change the scenery. Go for a walk, read something different or listen to music.


2. Feeling confused about what to do next? Schedule a break to do something that you normally would reserve for a weekend. Plan your vacation. Call a good friend. Doodle.


3. Have a huge deadline ahead? Take short 5-to-10 minute breaks that take you out of your mental zone. Step outside of your office. Work out over your lunch hour. Close your door and meditate for ten minutes.


These ‘smart breaks’ can shift your thinking from left brain to right brain and energize your creativity.

Not only will these ideas force you to think less fearfully about your work and deadlines, but taking smart breaks can help you avoid the trap of limited thinking and give your brain a little creative vacation.

(You’re welcome.)