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Content Marketing Moves Beyond Marketing And Into All Business Functions

Content Marketing Moves Beyond Marketing And Into All Business Functions

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “Content is key,” in other words content marketing is the key to your company’s marketing success.


As more companies realize the impact content marketing can have on their businesses, they’re increasingly adopting its strategies across the board. For instance:

  • Brand awareness helps drive leads, which drives sales.
  • Content funneling drives operational efficiencies, which results in increased ROI.
  • Strategic content marketing can deliver engaging content that drives top prospective candidates toward HR recruitment.


You get the picture. Today’s top marketers don’t use content sporadically. They market content strategically across platforms to highlight a company’s brand, inclusivity, popularity, trendiness, diversity, political alignment, environmental awareness, and what-have-you throughout an entire organization.


The result may indeed be what ultimately motivates an undecided candidate to accept an offer. Or a potential client to align him/herself with your company based on like-mindedness.

If you are new to the concept of utilizing content marketing across the board, consider these ideas from Focal Point’s communication team:

  • Figure out where content marketing makes sense in your organization. Some corporate goals are more attainable via content marketing than others.
  • Be clear on why you’re launching a content marketing program (big picture), what it entails and how you’ll introduce, then execute the plan.
  • Set goals. Share with your organization so everyone is on board.
  • Develop your team. Which individuals in your company have the tech and communication savvy to dedicate resources and talent (and time).
  • Start putting together a tiered content marketing strategy that starts simple and drills down, channel by channel, department by department. FocalPoint can help.


Content marketing and multi-media communication should work hand in glove to clearly communicate to clients, stakeholders, staff and potential employees what is important to your organization, and how you live that mission, day in and day out.


Everything from your logo to your internal emails should mirror this content.


The result? A resilient company that is fully aware of what it stands for past, present and moving toward the future. Let’s talk about what that could mean for your organization.

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