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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Create Sizzling Emails. That Great Read.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Create Sizzling Emails. That Great Read.

How is that email campaign working for you these days? We’re betting like many other busy organizations, you haven’t thought much about it in awhile.

We’re here to tell you that weekly or monthly email campaigns shouldn’t be at the very end of your marketing upgrade list. You can smell an email that was pulled together in a hurry, perhaps a retread of your blog or a mash-up of events, information and offers. Your emails should be carefully crafted to get opened and read; then remembered and acted upon rather than instantly dismissed and deleted (as so many are).


To get to this point takes a bit of thinking about exactly who will be on the receiving end of your emails. So, to whom are you emailing? And more importantly, why are you emailing them? If you aren’t sure, here are five important questions to ask your team:


Why exactly are you emailing?

It’s easy to spout about brand awareness, but if you aren’t careful of your why and to whom, your messaging could be a negative one (i.e., “Oh, another boring email from ABC, Inc. – not interested.”) If you want to build brand worthiness, include links to new information on your website. If your goal is more sales oriented, be sure to include an impressive offer in every email to train readers to open your emails to uncover your offer. If you are emailing a monthly newsletter, make sure the headline draws in your reader. Be funny. Irreverent. Clever. But never ever boring.


Grab attention in the IN box.

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if the email isn’t read. Grab attention in the inbox with a POW headline and subject line. Want to take it a step farther? Personalize the email by using the reader’s name. People’s eyes are naturally directed to their own name (as long as you get the spelling right!)


Keep your readers in the know.

If you are providing relevant information, keep it timely, focused and helpful. If you are a CPA firm, be sure your readers find out from you when the IRS drops a hated business tax regulation. Spread the word before the other guys. Be the expert in your field. Keep relevant and foster FOMO (fear of missing out).



Every reader wants to know “What’s in it for me?” Show them with every single email. If you drop the price on your most popular item, be sure your email readers know this and can act on it before your other clients. Give exclusive email discounts. Have a contest. Make things fun. Keep it interesting to keep readers tuning in.

Be consistent.

If your newsletter is mostly conversational and you link to a white paper, explain why you are sharing the content. (2) Don’t overpromise. Be realistic about how often you will actually have something interesting for your audience and stick to your plan.

If you’d like to have a sizzling email campaign that gets talked about, but don’t have an ounce of time left in your week to get this done, move that action item over here. We’d love to take a crack at your email marketing. Email us. We’ll take it from there.

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