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Andretti Autosport/Dickinson Fleet Services.

Focal Point Demo Reel

“Putting Business in the Best Light”

State of Indiana

21 Century Scholar Program

College Success 101

Van Ausdall & Farrar

We Are Van Ausdall & Farrar


“Build Relationships Be Relevant”

Graston Technique

“Patient Education”

Bar Keepers Friend

“Cooktop Cleaner”

Creation Museum

“Hand n Hand”


“Vision Software”

Moore Restoration

“Disaster Recovery Specialist”

Kelley School of Business

“A Place in the Mind”

Shiel Sexton

“Building The Palladium”

Dickinson Fleet Services

“We Work Customer Hours”.


“Senior Relocation Services”

Linkplus Technologies


Wiley Publishing

“Digital Field Guide”

Dickinson Fleet Services


Cooperative Managed Care Services

“The Picture of Health”

Dickinson Fleet Services

Indy Car Sponsorship

Dickinson Fleet Services

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