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Utilizing Digital Creatively Is The Key To 2020 B2B Communications

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Utilizing Digital Creatively Is The Key To 2020 B2B Communications

B2B print revenue is in steep decline as more and more businesses communicate to other businesses using digital. That’s old news but still a little threatening to more established, fiscally conservative businesses. So here’s a new way of thinking about digital communication buys:

It’s becoming more apparent that a key part of any marketing – especially B2B – is digital and/or social media. B2B brands are no longer staying in the middle lane when it comes to marketing. The specifics of which media is to be utilized – and how to best use each — say FocalPoint media strategists, is the real issue for today’s savvy businesses.

For instance, in the past five years or so, these were the social media B2B standard rules of engagement:

  • LinkedIn is a great place to showcase – and perhaps even dominate your industry — with your B2B brand.
  • Facebook pages is considered favorable (easy and inexpensive) for small businesses to use, understand and stay on top of.
  • Pinterest and Instagram are thought of as dependable visual venues for ecommerce.

But these digital standards are getting pushed aside by new, more creative ways to use social to break new B2B ground by increasing audience reach, influencing potential decision makers and rising brand awareness. Here are some interesting new digital ways to break out of the advertising norm in 2020:

Event sponsorship

An excellent way to showcase your brand is to underwrite – and lead — events important to your industry. You’ll get the right eyeballs on your brand and be seen as an influencer. (You’ll also get your logo on a lot of information the gets taken back and shared at the home office.)

Podcast advertising (or branded podcasts)

It’s moved from niche medium into mainstream with 72 million listeners in the U.S. In addition to exponential growth, podcast listeners tend to be educated, affluent – and are engaged listeners.

Out Of Home (referred to –smile — as OOH)

It is a form of print advertising gone wild and creative. Think of branded decals on store floors, commute ramps, airport terminal walls, turn styles, and the like. Geolocation market data has made this medium a very sophisticated outlet for savvy B2B companies. Plus – the more outrageous and creative, the better!

Digital advertising boundaries

Formerly bound by age, interest and income no longer apply. Millennials are entering middle age. Generation Z is buying and furnishing homes. More importantly, business and personal use co-exists in these niches. Those that grew up on social media depend on it to establish trends and preferences and communicate. So your business can consider unconventional digital advertising (Instagram, anyone?) for your business. Chances are you will reach new targets and, as long as your message is well crafted — be remembered.

FocalPoint’s media strategists and creative co-mingle too. We keep our fingers on the changing pulse of marketing and stay abreast of trends and opportunities.

By combining an understanding of the accounts our clients want to target and utilizing the sophisticated target data available, we can identify fresh social and digital B2B for your organization in 2020 – opening up new accelerated avenues for growth.


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