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The Best Business Tweets

The Best Business Tweets

When it comes to using social media with maximum efficacy, you’ve got to know your clients.

Let’s take Twitter for example.  So how do you do that with one-way communication like Twitter? At FocalPoint we say, “Listen. Tweet. Listen. Then listen again.”

Here’s what we mean by that:

  • First, find your existing clients on Twitter and start following them. You’ll learn a lot. Spend weeks listening if necessary. Twitter is a vastly under-rated honest research tool. You’ll be amazed at what your clients will tell you about their concerns and frustrations.
  • Now open a Twitter account for your business. If you have a recommendation for your client, Tweet it to them. Your recommendation shouldn’t always have to be about your products and services. Surprise clients with helpful info from outside the realm of your business. Clients remember stuff like that.
  • Post links to your blogs and any articles on social media that provide information about your sweet spot – what you do best.
  • Add potential customers – by following those that re-tweet your posts. These folks will already be familiar with your business on some level. It’s a great way to provide positive, insightful (never boring and rarely sales-y) info on your business.
  • At the bottom of your tweets, provide links to appropriate tweet-related products and services, and now and again, offer discount coupon codes to twitter members.

Here’s a rule of thumb we have seen work firsthand at FocalPoint: Provide at least 4 interesting pieces of info or useful business-related tidbits for every one special, sales offer or tooting of your own horn.

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