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This Company Is Hitting A Social Media Marketing Home Run

This Company Is Hitting A Social Media Marketing Home Run

New year’s resolutions are in full swing and people everywhere are trying to improve their health.  Whether it’s losing weight, eating better, or exercising more, millions are determined to make 2015 the year of change.  With so many different options out there, an effective social media marketing strategy can make all the difference in the world.

There’s one company out there that I see using social media particularly well, so I spent some time taking a closer look at their strategy.  The company I am referring to is Beachbody and one of its driving forces is fitness trainer, Shaun T.   If you haven’t heard of Shaun T. , you’ve likely heard of one of his home- based workout programs – Insanity, Hip Hop Abs or T25.  The thing that really stands out to me about the way social media is being used in this case is that even though there is a large company with several products to sell, at the end of the day they still understand that social media is all about people connecting with people not big brands selling to people. Let’s take a closer look at what I mean…

Empowering People Translates to Social Marketing Success

With over 1.2 million likes on his Facebook page, Shaun T. has an incredible reach and platform to promote his products.  It’d be easy to get greedy by going overboard with promotional content (though Facebook is really working to discourage this now).  But instead you will find posts with free workout ideas, recipes that can be made on-the-go, and encouraging videos about staying on track with goals.  The content on this Facebook page is all about a person connecting with his fans on a level that’s much deeper than just seeing him in a workout video.  He even goes as far as to share very transparent posts about wanting to skip workouts because he’s too tired or caving in and eating junk food.  As all of us know, these struggles are very real, yet we often think these “celebrities” don’t have to go through them.  By humanizing the brand, he becomes much more authentic.  Fans of the page feel like they actually know the person behind the videos just as they might know one of their regular Facebook friends.  This makes asking for the buy much easier and much more natural when the time comes by building BLT (Believability, Likeability & Trust).

People Want To Buy From People

The social media strategy used by Shaun T. to launch the latest workout video, Insanity Max: 30, has been very well received.  Rather than continuously promoting the product, he started educating his audience on the exercises from the video ahead of time by posting free short workout videos.  Branded as the “Holiday Edge” workouts, these exercises could be done anytime, anywhere and were perfect for the hectic holiday season when many people fall off track.  This made the launch of the actual product a natural extension of something he was already doing.  In fact, followers were actually looking forward to and counting down the days to the release.  That type of loyalty across social media is something we all hope for.

Insanity Max 30

Re-purposing Content Across Social Media Channels

I use Facebook as my primary example, but the social reach extends well beyond just Facebook.  The other thing that stood out as I spent some time analyzing things is that nearly every piece of content is being re-purposed effectively.  All too often we get overwhelmed with all of the social media outlets available. forget that not everyone follows us on every platform and people definitely don’t see everything we post.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.  I urge every customer to get the maximum mileage from every single piece of content and Shaun T. is definitely doing that here.  Each post is being re-purposed for Instagram, Twitter and might even be a topic on an upcoming podcast.

For example, a video may be posted on FB that also appears in an edited version on Instagram, is also part of a Tweet with a similar theme and even makes its way into a podcast as a topic.  So essentially the content is developed one time and repackaged for each social channel.  And it’s done so with a purpose.  This significantly cuts down on the development time and greatly extends the shelf life of social marketing efforts.

4 Questions We Should All Be Asking

As I wrap up this mini case study, I think there are 4 questions that we should all be asking:

  1. How can we add a human element to our social presence?
  2. What problems can we solve that make our audience better customers?
  3. How can we incorporate multimedia content into our social plan?
  4. What ways can we re-purpose our content across social channels?

If you can answer these questions, I think asking for the buy, click or conversion becomes much more natural.  Make selling a natural extension of what you’re already doing…not the ONLY thing you’re doing.

Need Some Help?

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