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Product Animation

Product Animation

3D Product Animation


Focal Point engaged with Kensington to design and develop photo realistic product animations. We were tasked showcasing products that only existed in the form of CAD files and producing photo realistic 3D animation to feature the actual aesthetics and features of the products.  In some cases the products were featured in full motion animations and in other cases photo realistic 3D renderings were generated to be used in digital and print advertisements. 



In the example below the 3D animation was featured on Amazon to showcase the product.


Kensington Security Cabinet AC30 on Amazon


  • Neatly and easily charges, transports, locks, and stores up to 30 devices (up to 15.6 inches each).
  • Lockable front and rear doors allow you to secure the devices inside (padlocks not included).
  • A security cable attachment ring provides a sturdy, secure point to attach a security cable (security cable and padlock not included).
  • Built-In dividers and cable management organizes devices and cables and keeps bulky adapters out of the way.
  • 5-inch removable non-marking locking casters allow for easy movement over rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Digital cycle charging technology charges 15 devices at a time in 15-minute intervals for faster, more efficient charging; helps lower temperature inside the cart to prolong device life.
  • A push handle makes transport simple.



Video Production, Copywriting, Brand Messaging

Van Ausdall and Farrar Marketing Video


Van Ausdall and Farrar is an industry leader in optimizing information, communication and innovation for businesses large and small. In fact, we’ve been helping companies be more productive, cost-effective and successful by doing just that for over a hundred years.


Our focus on local service, combined with the wide range of technology products and services we offer make it easy for your business to manage your information and communication processes. We’re especially proud of our reputation for innovation, which enables us to help you stay ahead of the changes in technology impacting your business today.


That innovation has always been driven by our commitment to meet the evolving needs of our customers. When you partner with Van Ausdall and Farrar, we’ll utilize our proven assessment process to learn the ins and outs of your business. This enables us to fully understand your needs before we make a single recommendation.


Van Ausdall and Farrar


Branding, Web Design, Content Marketing


Project Goals

Impact Construction Management had been in business for 10 years and it was time to take the branding to the next level.  The original brand image did not reflect the company culture or speak to the level of professionalism ICM exhibits on every project.   Focal Point was tasked with developing a new brand image from the ground up.  This included logo design, messaging and the design and build of a new responsive website designed to improve SERP rankings and create higher internet visibility.



Market Research, Brand Development, Copywriting, Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan to improve SERP rankings, Keyword Research, Design and Development of a new responsive website, Develop of content marketing campaign and Social Media integration.



Focal Point developed messaging, created a new brand image and designed a  dynamic website focused on both navigational and aesthetic design to engage the visitors to the site.  We introduced new robust content to the site designed to direct clients and prospect to the desired information quickly and easily.  The new website was now mobile friendly and the content was organized for easy navigation.  The new site has a clean design and puts the visitor in control of their experience and allows them to find the information they are most interested in within 3 clicks.


Since the completion of the site we have employed a content marketing campaign designed around keyword research for the construction industry as well as promotional plugs for Impact Construction Management. We have seen brand awareness continue to grow as the content marketing campaign generates more impressions and engagement as the content marketing campaign continues to provide consistent and relevant content to be indexed by search engines and driving new visitors to the website. 


Quest Packaging




Quest Safety Products Amazon Sales Marketing Project.




Project Goals

Focal Point engaged with Quest Safety Products. We were tasked with developing a strategy to improve Amazon rankings, create higher visibility and create overall brand awareness on their Amazon sales channel.


Focal Point worked with Quest Safety Products and produced marketing material that included the design and layout of sales information cards, a strategic series of product photography and product demonstration videos to highlight both the quality and the features of each product.

Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Product Photography, Video Production



Focal Point created brand elements consistent with the company brand and produced sales information cards designed to be distributed with the purchased products on Amazon.com.  The product photography and demonstration videos positioned their products ahead of the competition and increased product visibility by 65%.


Quest Safety Product Boot Covers Amazon.com

Andretti Autosport


Focal Point worked with Andretti Autosport to share the story relationship between the Andretti team and Dickinson Fleet Services.  The focus was on the importance of having a valued team taking care of the transport fleet and how this relationship contributed to the success of both teams.


At Dickinson Fleet, we understand that the Andretti team needs to get its racing cars turned around quickly. One failure in one of the trucks or one of the trailers, and it could really hurt things – big time. There are certain things that have to be at the race track on time for their team. That’s why keeping their trucks on a regular regular maintenance schedule is critical. If the trucks are late, then things start backing up. It’s a snowball effect. It can create chaos. Our goal is to prevent these situations by having as much foresight as possible.


Safety is a BIG DEAL for the Andretti team. As Michael Andretti mentions, comparing the cars that his dad drove, to the cars that he drove, to the cars they’re racing today – it’s amazing how far things have progressed. Technology in the mobile maintenance and repair field is much the same way. That’s why we’re committed to staying up to date with the latest trends and offering our customers things like our mobile app that make requesting/monitor service just a few clicks away.



As the Andretti team mentions, we see our relationship as a TRUE PARTNERSHIP. We love having clients who feel like they can trust us and understand our commitment to providing the highest standard of service out there. As mentioned in the video, this partnership worked out particularly well because the Andretti race shop is just down the road from one of our location which has turned out to be absolutely amazing. As it turned out, it was a no brainer to be able to work with them.
It truly has been a great partnership since day one. With the Andretti team having 14 trucks on the road, giving them ONE contact and ONE phone number for all maintenance needs has been a different maker. We truly appreciate that they say it feels great knowing that they’re getting the best service out there in the industry. If they have a problem, our goal is to always get on it as soon as possible and fixed right away.

Since Dickinson has come on board, the Andretti team has had 2 Indy 500 wins. As Michael mentions, everything counts and it all plays a roll into their success. When these races are going on, it’s everything coming together. It’s not just one thing.
Much like the awesome folks at Andretti Autosport, we hope they’ll be a part of our family for a long time to come.  In fact, we were honored to recently extend our multi-year partnership with this incredible company.