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1 Key Ingredient That Makes Online Marketing Better

1 Key Ingredient That Makes Online Marketing Better


There’s one key ingredient out there that hooks your target audience and makes every single form of online marketing better.  It’s nothing new, yet over the past couple of years it has become more important than ever.  It’s the thing that enables social media posts stand out from the crowd, it’s the difference between someone reading your blog post or scrolling on by, it’s the most effective way to get someone to click on an ad, I could go on and on…  So, what is the 1 key ingredient you ask?  A great image.

Great Images Make All The Difference

It’s no secret that people do not like to read.  We’re all busy.  We’re all multitasking.  Other marketers are constantly competing for the same space.  While words can be very powerful and many still hale “content is king,”  more often than not it’s a great image that captures our attention.  I recently wrote about investing in video during 2015 and I firmly believe that great photos are right up there as an equally important investment.  Whether it’s product photos, staff photos or any other type of commercial photography – taking the time and money to do it the right way pays off.  I recently heard content marketing advice to invest just as much time in the images you use as the content you write.  I’d have to say I agree with that 100%.

More Than Just An Image

I’ve always had a passion for photography and Focal Point is known for providing the best commercial photography in Indianapolis.  One of the reasons being that we understand it’s about more than just an image.  Effective images have a meaning and message behind them and inspire the audience to take action.  Whether that be sharing a Facebook post, clicking through on an email or purchasing a product online – it’s imperative to make the image mean something to the target audience.  The best way to do that is by having the image tell some sort of story or evoke an emotion.  Let’s take a look at some examples I like…

Fishers Area Swimming Tigers (FAST) – Reflection of Hard Work

Reflection of Hard WorkThe mirror image in the foreground tells the story in this photo.  You can imagine the hours of hard work and determination put into defining this young man’s swim stroke, strength and character. This image is a tribute to his teammates, coaches, and sheer determination toward achieving success in athletics and academics. The young man featured in this photo happens to be my 16 year old son, Tyler and this is an image I volunteered my time to capture and design for the Fishers Area Swimming Tigers (FAST).

Nike – First Coach Photo

First Coach
This photo says so much with so little words.  Whether you’re a parent yourself or have been an influence in any child’s life – coaching has probably been something you’ve thought about.  While it’s not 100% sure this photo is of a father and son, one can certainly make that assumption. I’m willing to bet that all of the Dad’s out there, whether they’re coaching now or were a coach 20 years ago, can feel some type of emotion when looking at this photo.  No hard sell is needed as the subtle branding on the golf gear and swoosh logo is just enough.

Nike – Cold Shoulder Photo

Give Winter Cold Shoulder
Here’s another very effective image from Nike that says so much in so little words.  This image speaks to never giving up.  It suggests defying the elements.  It serves as inspiration for exercising while most others wouldn’t.  Again this is all done through an incredible image and minimal words.

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2 Quick Photography Tips

Let me leave you with 2 quick tips that will make sure you get the most out of your photos.

1. Have A Plan For Re-purposing Each Photo
What I mean by that is before you hire a company like Focal Point to do commercial photography, make sure you have a plan in mind for how the photos will be used.  There’s no reason each photo shouldn’t be considered for use on your website, in your emails, as part of social media posts, featured on blogs, etc.  Get the most mileage out of every single photo and maximize the investment.

2. Know Your Photo Sizes
A crisp, clear image is always best.  All too often I see small images stretched to fit the space of a Facebook cover photo or something similar and it just ruins everything.  Know which photos you’re going to put where and make sure they are sized appropriately.  Below is an awesome social media image size cheat sheet from the folks at Constant Contact that will save you a ton of time.


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