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Making Corporate Blogs Sing

Making Corporate Blogs Sing

You blog to inspire interest in what your company does. Hopefully, it will open the door to more web traffic, and with any luck, new business.

That’s the thought for most companies, anyway. But why stop there, when there’s so much more your blog can (and should) do?

What you really want your blog to do is provide remarkable, surprising insight into your industry. New discoveries. New ways to use products. New legislation. New technologies. What’s new in your field and about why it matters.

In other words, you want to make your business blog the “go-to” site for information that your target client wants to know about. You want your blog (ergo your company) to be perceived as the Subject Matter Expert.

Does your blog do that?

Probably not. Most don’t, in fact.

That’s because most corporate blogs are written by the wrong people. Most corporate bloggers are busy folks in your sales or marketing department that blog when they can. It’s often last on their to-do list.

The thing is, for your blogs to do what they should be doing, you’ve got to keep blog material relevant and informative. And well-written to surprise and delight your (busy, distracted) intended audience.

So here’s a good idea for your next blog to get you on the right path: Create an “expert post.” It’s actually pretty easy to do.  Here’s how:

• Reach out to experts in your field with a pertinent, industry-related question.
• Collect the content and organize the post.
• Only use the interesting quotes — new, useful information from these industry sources.
• Tell your readers why the information matters.
• Present the information in an easy to understand format.
• Then, include your own preferences and opinions about the information.
• Edit and polish.

When you’re ready to publish your post, be sure to include links to each of your experts’ websites. Then tag the authors on social media.

The result? A nice win-win. Your readers get great content and your experts get links to their sites, which they will undoubtedly share because it makes them look good. Of course, all those shares will also boost your SEO.

Boom! You have just taken a big step toward being seen as a Subject Matter Expert. Now, keep up the good work!

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