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Hit ‘em right between the eyes

Hit ‘em right between the eyes

fotolia_97721829That headline is a show-stopper. An attention-grabber.

It’s meant to be. Because, frankly, as someone in the attention-grabbing business, I know that if you DON’T smack someone right between the eyes with a WOW message, you’ve lost your 3 second chance at their attention.

We’re all connected and it’s pretty darned noisy out there. You gotta fight to win every viewer’s increasingly short attention span.

Anything FocalPoint or any entity puts out there, from a Tweet to a business proposal – gets triaged by its intended audience. It either grabs attention and gets acted upon, or it gets thrown into the middle of the easily forgotten inventory of messages swimming in our brain (and email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

We can’t possibly remember all of it. The best we can do is remember the top 5% (or less) of the messages aimed at us.

Bottom line? You have provided a very interesting proposal or a really good payoff to get across the triage hurdles, the biggest being:

“Is this info worth my customer’s time?”