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Er, what should I say about my business on social media?

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Er, what should I say about my business on social media?

Here at Focal Point, we frequently talk to business owners and managers tasked with using social media as a part of their overall marketing plan. Often these folks can pull up their latest Twitter feed, link to YouTube, post on their Facebook page, and download their LinkedIN updates, but just aren’t very sure what to say when it comes to business use.

Staring into that void and pulling back is a fair feeling to have. After all, you want to get it right.

We hear you and we have some good ideas about how to plunge in – and get the tone and the content pitch perfect. This is why we work with our clients to develop strategies and use social media to establish them as subject matter experts in there industry, i.e., what you are great at doing or producing. Then, use that expertise to boost your credibility and value.

The trick is, not to simply tell folks you are an expert. Show them. Prove it by sharing interesting tips and developing relevant content in a journalistic style proving your are the expert in your field.

Anything that makes it easy for people to associate you and your business with excellence and expertise in your field is welcome. And the more interestingly you do this, the better.

What not to do? Boring stuff. Tweeting “Ron made #1 salesperson of the year” is yawn-able. Better is showing him getting that news while on on bike tour in Amsterdam in his dorky helmet and bike shorts…or maybe not, but you get what I mean! It’s more interesting and doesn’t come across as tooting your own horn. Humor cuts through the fences folks build to keep out advertising. And it helps makes companies like yours approachable, less stodgy, even cool.

One other thing about social media in business. The numbers rarely show direct correlations. And progress doesn’t happen right away. It takes time to build an image, enhance a reputation and create value. Keep the postings coming, invite others in your company to help, and stay open to new ideas.

So – jump off that precipice with your smartphone in hand, your fingers ready to tap, and your video on!


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