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About Us

Founded in 2009, Focal Point is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Focal Point is a marketing agency that helps you build strong relationships with your customers by honing in on the essence of your business. We develop innovative creative solutions by offering a comprehensive array of services to deliver results driven marketing for our clients.


Strategic thinking, Brand development and Customer insight are at the core of our business. These are the areas of expertise our team has honed through their long career as strategic marketing professionals. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals interested in developing effective and creative marketing ideas to drive your business forward.


Your company, products and services are unique. Your brand voice should be just as distinctive. Focal Point ensures that your message will be brought to life in the right way, using the right tone, by matching you up with the right writer.


Digital Marketing, Storyboarding. Filming. Art direction. Design. Animation. Photography. There are so many areas of marketing expertise that go into creating a great campaign, teamwork is essential. That’s why Focal Point is built on collaboration between talented individuals who specialize in their craft. You’ll see the results in our work.

Branding, Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

No doubt you’ve got questions about using content marketing to generate income for your business – as efficiently as possible. That’s what it’s all about, especially right now when marketing budgets are tight.  

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Advertising, Branding, On-Line Marketing, Social Media

Some social media landing pages are a visual treat. They grab your attention. Others stab your brain with powerful headlines. Every day, something on social media is likely to capture your attention — for awhile. And that’s nice and all, but if you can’t remember...

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  We are certainly walking an uneasy tightrope right now. Respectful of the times, the weariness of isolation and downtime, we are all ready for change and for the growth we desperately hope is waiting out there. We feel the desire for shift and change...

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