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You know how important a good website design it to your business.
You understand that it can, and should, reflect and enhance your brand image. The best website designs do more than just look good.  They’re built with a clear online marketing strategy in mind to achieve specific business objectives. So isn’t it time you focus on making your website marketing efforts as effective as they should be?



Website visitors from smartphones



Website visits coming from tablets

Responsive Design (Mobile Friendly)

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?  A responsive design means your website and your brand are being represented properly on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as on a desktop.  A responsive design detects the type of device accessing your site and displays the site accordingly.  This ensures the visitors experience has brand consistency across multiple devices.

Google made recent changes regarding how they view sites that are not mobile friendly.  As a result, if your website is not mobile friendly your site will be downgraded from a search ranking standpoint, meaning your business may rank lower than others with mobile friendly sites.

Is your brand represented well on every device?  Businesses who aren’t thinking about this question are getting blindsided everyday when they realize that 30% – 40% of their website traffic is coming from smartphones.  And another 8% – 10% from tablets .  All at once they realize that beautiful website design isn’t exactly user friendly for the majority of their potential customers. We live in a multi-device world.  We watch TV with our iPhone in hand.  We regularly switch from PC to tablet throughout the day.  If a potential customer views your site from their desktop at work, gets distracted and comes back later that night from a smartphone – will the experience be consistent?  It’s no longer a choice.  Responsive website design is here to stay and the customer experience MUST be consistent or sales and leads will be lost.  End of story.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimation)

Search Engines like Google are Becoming Smarter.  They are functioning more like a person and less like a robot.  Internet search engines are getting better at understanding user intent.  It knows what people actually want to read based upon social signals and the searcher’s  behavior.  Results are also becoming more personalized and it’s increasingly difficult to “dominate” a keyword or phrase across the board.  It’s now about what the search engine is able to associate with your brand vs. what keywords you’re using. Google for instance, is now learning more toward rewarding brands.  Brands are what people know and trust.  Brands are what create quality content that people actually want to read.  Ranking well in search engines such as Google is now about being in more than one place, developing a reputation and consistently producing different types of useful multimedia content. Winning at the New SEO is Winning at Online Branding.  If you want to be successful in getting your website to rank well in search engines such as Google and get a good deal of organic traffic, it’s imperative that to truly understand your company’s brand.

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Website Management

Your website is complete, now what?  Management of your website is as or more important than having a well designed site.  It is crucial to your brand to have fresh content and keep your website up to date. Most companies do not have the personnel or the expertise to manage the complexities of keeping a site up to date with software updates, site backups, SEO data, content updates and design changes.  Allow us to take care of all these issues so you to concentrate what it important to you business.

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Content Development

blog-headerConsistent relevant content is the key to success.  Our approach to content marketing revolves around the development of relevant content delivered in a journalist style.  Many companies use their blog to toot their own horn and promote accomplishments within the company.  While this is important it is necessary to have a good balance of quality journalistic content, white papers, and call to action opportunities relevant to your industry – along with the moments your company is proud feature.

Focal Point focuses your content marketing around a key word strategy.  We develop a editorial calendar to insure we deliver the right content at the right time of the year.  This allow us to have a plan in place so we can push content out on a consistent basis and keep the content fresh and relevant.

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Social Media Management

ER, What Should I Say About My Business On Social Media?

Here at Focal Point, we frequently talk to business owners and managers tasked with using social media as a part of their overall marketing plan. Often these folks can pull up their latest Twitter feed, link to YouTube, post on their Facebook page, and download their LinkedIN updates, but just aren’t very sure what to say when it comes to business use. Staring into that void and pulling back is a fair feeling to have. After all, you want to get it right. We hear you and we have some good ideas about how to plunge in – and get the tone and the content pitch perfect. This is why we work with our clients to develop strategies and use social media to establish them as subject matter experts in there industry, i.e., what you are great at doing or producing. Then, use that expertise to boost your credibility and value. The trick is, not to simply tell folks you are an expert. Show them. Prove it by sharing interesting tips and developing relevant content in a journalistic style proving your are the expert in your field.

It takes time to build an image, enhance a reputation and create value. Keep the postings coming, invite others in your company to help, and stay open to new ideas. So – jump off that precipice with your smartphone in hand, your fingers ready to tap, and your video on!

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