What Is Seasonal Content And Why Is It So Important?

Adding seasonal content – coordinating your message to align it with holidays, vacations, changing seasons, social or political events, and current trends – is important for your business. It shows you to be reactive or in touch with what’s going on, especially since many industries rely on the changing seasons, changing weather, holidays and other variations throughout the year to sell their products and services.


This is also important because it connects your target audience and user base with the various ...

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Content Marketing Moves Beyond Marketing And Into All Business Functions

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “Content is key,” in other words content marketing is the key to your company’s marketing success.


As more companies realize the impact content marketing can have on their businesses, they’re increasingly adopting its strategies across the board. For instance:

  • Brand awareness helps drive leads, which drives sales.
  • Content funneling drives operational efficiencies, which results in increased ROI.
  • Strategic content marketing can deliver engaging content that drives top prospective candidates toward HR recruitment.


You get the picture. Today’s top marketers don’t use content sporadically. They market ...

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5 Great Reasons To Set Up An Editorial Content Calendar

Your organization, like ours, probably already has a marketing budget and a marketing strategy. Great to have, as that keeps your company on message and working within established parameters.

But you also need a way to coordinate the social media portion of your marketing efforts. The central idea of the editorial content calendar is to allow the creation of workflows for social content, plot them on a calendar, and manage all the writing, editing, publishing, and distribution in one place.

Here’s what ...

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Short is in.

Short. is. in.

Less is most definitely more these days.

Short attention spans are in evidence everywhere.

To stay connected to your audience, you’ve got to be brief. Your points crisp and concise.

This applies to meetings, presentations, advertising, emails, Tweets, web sites, and memos.

Short is not only the new black, it’s the only way to be heard over instant communication.

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