Billboard It

We all have that friend that tells long stories with too many details and takes forever to get to the point.

It’s hard to stay focused and interested in the story after awhile.

Same is true with just about anything you put out there on any type of media, social or otherwise.

Your ad, email, post, announcement, Tweet, memo to the staff – whatever it is, you have about five seconds to snag someone’s full attention.

The best billboard ad ever, according to Jay ...

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Why Direct-To-Consumer Advertising Is Booming

If you’ve ever ordered apparel directly from a brand’s website or used an Uber, then you’re part of the burgeoning direct-to-consumer (DTC) economy, like hundreds of millions of others.

According to research from MediaRadar, DTC advertising is up across almost every product category. In the apparel industry, for instance, DTC spending rose by $100 million from 2014 to 2018. And that’s just one segment of the industry.


So why is DTC advertising so hot? With DTC you can:

  1. Talk directly to your customers.
  2. Focus ...
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