Should Your Company Instagram?

That depends. Do you want to reach teen-to-30 age buyers? Do you have someone from that generation that can write with an eye toward reaching Gen Zers and Millenials? Is your product or service something that translates well with photos?

Instagram (followed closely by Snapchat) is quickly becoming the go-to channel for brands that want to engage younger consumers – largely because of its shoppable youth-oriented features. But first – some definitions.

Generation Z or Gen Z (also known by a number of other ...

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You Don’t Have To Be Numbers Geek To Use Google Analytics

Even the name is a little intimidating. I mean, “analytics,” really? Just because you never really got any math that was more involved than Algebra 101, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate or won’t be able to use Google Analytics.


The bottom line of marketing

Marketing is creative, sure. But the proof of your marketing success will always come out in the numbers. So marketing, at its most basic, is understanding your bottom line. How else do you know if what you are ...

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