Radio Is Still A Strong Marketing Tool

At FocalPoint, we talk a lot about digital media. But although we speak digital, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost the ability to swim in the more traditional modes of marketing. With brings us to radio advertising.

Like everything else in our rapidly evolving media landscape, radio reach is increasingly segmented with more choices than ever before. But – and because of this — radio advertising still has massive reach.

Interestingly, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, despite radio only accounting for 11.4% ...

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Should Your Company Have A Retail App?

Retailer mobile app use by consumers actually doubled last year, according to These apps are quickly increasing in popularity for good reason – actually two good reasons. They appeal to consumers for their convenience as well as their speed.

Let’s face it, speed and convenience are incredibly important to your customer, no matter their age. Anything a business can do to enhance its customer’s experience is going to be remembered favorably with repeat business.

What kind of retail apps are we ...

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Public Relations? We Do That (Rather Well!)

PR, short for public relations, is simply the way organizations present themselves. This can mean improving one’s online reputation through carefully planned marketing strategies. It can also mean sending the right messages to the right places and people in a way that builds and polishes your brand and your reputation.

PR and marketing agencies like FocalPoint work with clients to promote their image in whatever industry pertains to them. In many cases, public relations goes hand in hand with marketing to ...

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