Should You Market Your Company Via A Podcast?

You can, yes, absolutely. But the reality is it’s a little more complicated to get from can to should.

While many B2B firms use more traditional marketing vehicles to buy digital media, some are investing in newer ways to get attention, especially younger, more affluent, educated, business-oriented listeners. That’s a group of people many companies would love to target.

So yes, podcasts are worth paying attention to when it comes to listening and marketing. The most popular podcast publisher in the US ...

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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Create Sizzling Emails. That Great Read.

How is that email campaign working for you these days? We’re betting like many other busy organizations, you haven’t thought much about it in awhile.

We’re here to tell you that weekly or monthly email campaigns shouldn’t be at the very end of your marketing upgrade list. You can smell an email that was pulled together in a hurry, perhaps a retread of your blog or a mash-up of events, information and offers. Your emails should be carefully crafted to get ...

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